Empowerment Group

In a PastorMind group, the agenda belongs to the group and each person’s participation and commitment is key. Everyone is a student and a leader. Your PastorMind partners give you feedback, helps you brainstorm new possibilities, and sets up accountability structures that keep you focused and on track. 


Failing to prioritize at this stage in your life can lead to disaster. If you are a leader who is ready to take control of your life and bring back the joy and excitement in their marriage, in your family and in your ministry, our coaching is for you. Successful ministries require successful leaders. With keen biblical insight and application, PastorMind Coaching can help you grow from being a successful pastor into being a significant one. 


PastorMind Consulting focuses more on the expertise of our consultants and our ability to provide solutions to problems and answers to questions. Our consultants give you expert knowledge on how to achieve success and minimize problems.


The late Dr. Myles Monroe told a story about a premier violinist who was invited to play at a private and exclusive dinner party. The young man did an outstanding job. After the party, people told him, “You were great! You were excellent!”. Hearing the accolades, he replied, “It wasn’t me, it was all God.” Real Humility,… Read More &raquo


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